What are temporary, seasonal food establishment?
A temporary food establishment operates for no more than 14 consecutive days in conjunction with a single event or celebration.

A seasonal food establishment operates during specific months of the year, usually weather related, as designated by the operator on the application.

An annual food establishment operates on a routine schedule year round.

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1. Who is the program for?
2. Who needs food operation approval from the health department?
3. Can I use my home for my food operation?
4. What is a mobile food establishment?
5. What are temporary, seasonal food establishment?
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7. Is there a fee for a food application approval?
8. Whom can I call if I have a question?
9. Do I need a New Jersey sales tax ID? If so, how do I get one?
10. When I submit the application, do I have to know where I'm going to vend and at what events I'm going to vend?
11. What happens if I change my food unit, equipment or operating times after I apply and obtain my approval to operate?
12. Do I have to have a printed menu in English?
13. Do I need a Food Managers Certification for my mobile food establishment? If so, how can I get one?
14. Is my mobile food establishment a Risk Type 1, 2, 3 or 4? What is the difference between each risk type?
15. How do I complete the menu information section of the application?
16. Why do I have to identify where my food is coming from (food sources)?
17. Can I draw a sketch or layout, or does it have to be a computer drawing?
18. How do I protect food from contamination?
19. What is a potentially hazardous food?
20. Do I need a thermometer? What kind and how many?
21. What are safe cooking temperatures?
22. What are appropriate refrigeration temperatures?
23. What are proper cooling methods?
24. What are proper reheating methods?
25. What is the "danger zone" for food temperatures and how do I keep food safe to eat?
26. How can I prevent people from getting sick from the food I serve?
27. How often should I wash my hands?
28. What are ready-to-eat foods and how do I handle them?
29. Is it safe to cook in a slow cooker, since it cooks at such a low temperature?